Welcome Fellow Naughty Knotters!

My finished projects… All made with love, and a little frustration, but mostly love 🙂

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Hello All!

My name is Megan an early thirty-something graduate student. I am working on my Masters in Social Work right now.  I also work in retail to pay my bills. In my free time I like to unwind with a good ball of yarn (see what I did there). Right now I crochet and bumble my way through basic knitting.  I have been crocheting for about 3 years now, and I have begun to write my own patterns. I am also self taught. I tend to have many works in progress at a time, I bounce around a bit, but I usually finish them.  I plan on posting items I am working on, if I can share a free pattern or link to the pattern I will, along with any changes I make (I often end up Frankensteining several patterns together) .  I enjoy sharing my passion for crochet with others and I look forward to using this as another outlet to share my craft, and network with fellow fiber enthusiasts.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and enjoy!



One thought on “Welcome Fellow Naughty Knotters!

  1. Hey Megan, I too tend to have several projects on the go at one time but unfortunately I’m not very good at finishing them off. Looks like your a very busy lady with lots going on so I can definitely relate on how a ball of wool and a crochet hook can help you unwind after a busy day. There’s something therapeutic about it 😊

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