Hat-a-Palousa Day 3


Day 3 of Hat-a-Palousa was a successful one. I completed the second small hat and I am half done with a big flower for the yellow hat with ear flaps. I just need to weave in the ends on the all the finished pieces, and sew on a button here and a flower there. There was one casualty however, I made a grey flower with yellow petals, and on the yellow hat it just disappeared. I have one large beanie left to make, and then the hard part of weaving in and sewing (always my least favorite part).  I would pay to have someone weave in my ends…  That would be a good business idea for anyone who likes to finish projects…  A Crochet Finisher (blech)…  Let me know 🙂

I have also learned an important lesson about posting photos. I need to take my photos during the day, preferably in the morning. The last photo I posted made the yellows look green. Oh well live and learn 🙂

Happy Hooking!
~ Megan


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