Green and Yellow Hat… Compleated… YAY!

Oakland Athletics Hat... Compleated... YAY!

I had a lovely day of crochet yesterday. The hat requested by my husband has been finished! I used the Cascade 220 yarn I purchased and showed off yesterday. I could not have been happier with the results and how easy it was to work with. I may have a new yarn addiction! The accent color is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Worsted Weight, in Mushroom (it was leftover from my Blue Ribbon winning creation).

The pattern is a FREE pattern from and was written by Liz McQueen, click on the picture for a link to the pattern. As it lies flat it looks rumpled however it smooths out and fits well when he tried it on. I did some adaptations to the pattern, I repeated rows 14, 15, and 10 one more time each (in that order) to make it longer.

I also created a ribbed edging (my husband prefers this because his hats stay on better) by doing the following :

– Round 1: Single crochet in the accent color join in the first sc (66 sc)
– Round 2: Chain 1, hdc in each single crochet, ending with hdc2tog in the last 2 sc join in chain (65 hdc)
– Round 3: Chain 1, alternate fphdc bphdc around the brim join in chain 1
– Round 4: repeat round 3

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy this FREE pattern as much as I did! Thanks again for the beautiful pattern Liz!
Happy Hooking,
~ Megan


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