Not So Small Stocking (or Feeling Festive)

2013 - Stocking2

Yesterday I posted a free pattern for small Christmas Stockings I thought I would try to attempt for Sunday Funday.  I stopped by the yarn store and was inspired by the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.  I thought it would make an interesting stocking and also be a way for me to use the pattern I really liked but make it bigger, and it did!  The picture next to my kitty is for scale (and because I have such a cute kitty).

I selected Tampa Spice and Oklahoma City Green for the colors, and I think the two balls of yarn will make two stockings of opposite colors.  I have not made a second yet but I will let you all know if that is the case. (Update 10/23:  I created a second stocking and there was just enough of each to make it, so one ball of yarn will make one stocking.)

I followed the pattern to the letter (I know that is rare for me :)) I used a N sized hook, and it turned out just like the picture only bigger.  I plan on picking up some more colors and turning quite a few of these out!

Head over to this post:  for a link to the FREE Pattern!

Now off to work on some Math homework (BOO!), and finish some super cute crochet pattern (YAY!)

Anyone else working on festive items lately?  What are you working on?

Happy Hooking!

~ Megan

2013 - Stocking


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