Sunday Funday 10/27/2013… Back to hats!

For those who had some Halloween fun last night I hope you are recovering well :).  I myself had some fun but it involved playing WiiU with some of our wonderful friends… But today I craft!  Hats!

For some reason I always come back to hats, I love them. I know exactly what to expect and people seem to enjoy receiving them. I think the inspiration came from the weather this morning, it is particularly cold.  Making a hat seems to take the crisp out of the air a bit.

I found a great FREE pattern on Ravelry this morning that looks super easy and I think will turn our really nicely ( I could not get a photo of the hat to load, so I will post my own picture when I finish.

I have also been working on writing my first pattern, I hope to post it soon. It is a headband I have made several times, but I am just not sure where to start when writing a pattern.  Any advice would be appreciated!

Hope everyone else has a Sunday Funday 🙂

Happy Hooking

~ Megan


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