Finding a Color Combination that Works

I spent some time at the mall today, aside from picking up some awesome new jeans that fit like a dream, I also spent some time scoping out some great inspiration.

I have a hard time just going to the yarn store and picking out a combination of colors that works well.

Something that helps me with this challenge is to check out the color combinations in retail stores.  When I find a combination I like, I take a picture with my phone and hang onto it until I am in need of color ideas.

I found two sweaters today that offer some beautiful inspiration.

The first one is a kimono from Sears.  The color combination is teal, coral, fushia, black, and off white/creamish.

imageThe second is a sweater from Maurice’s; the colors are cream, navy, burgundy, and aqua.

imageLet me know below how you find color combination inspiration, I would love some tips!

Happy Hooking and (k)Nifty Knitting!


4 thoughts on “Finding a Color Combination that Works

  1. Tiles in the bathroom at Red Robin. True story! They were similar to the sweater combo you found at Maurices, only add in Chartreuse Green instead of the teal. So I do seem to find inspiration in architecture/restaurant color schemes.

  2. Your color combinations are lovely! I learned a trick a couple of years ago that helps considerably when picking out colors, especially for granny squares…Pinterest! When you log on, do a search for “color combinations” and pins come up that have 4 – 6, or more, color combinations that looks stunning together. After finding a combination that I like, I go to my local yarn store, bring Pinterest up on my smart phone, and start picking out yarn. It hasn’t failed me yet. I love your projects!

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