One yarn… Two hats…


So on Wednesday I showed a hat I was working on and the photo above is the result! I was so happy with how it turned out. The yarn is one on the Sensation yarns from Joann Fabrics. It is blue, pink, grey, and white. I made a total of four child sized hats from the HUGE ball of yarn. The yarn itself was really hard to work with, it was very tangled. I am making pompoms to attach to the hats with ear flaps.


I made three hats with earflaps, an one without. I added a sweet little bow to the one with out earflaps…


Next I will be working on some cute turkey hats 🙂 I will post pictures tomorrow…

As for today I am off to a football game with my dad… Yay!

Happy Hooking!
~ Megan

Sunday Funday 10/27/2013… Back to hats!

For those who had some Halloween fun last night I hope you are recovering well :).  I myself had some fun but it involved playing WiiU with some of our wonderful friends… But today I craft!  Hats!

For some reason I always come back to hats, I love them. I know exactly what to expect and people seem to enjoy receiving them. I think the inspiration came from the weather this morning, it is particularly cold.  Making a hat seems to take the crisp out of the air a bit.

I found a great FREE pattern on Ravelry this morning that looks super easy and I think will turn our really nicely ( I could not get a photo of the hat to load, so I will post my own picture when I finish.

I have also been working on writing my first pattern, I hope to post it soon. It is a headband I have made several times, but I am just not sure where to start when writing a pattern.  Any advice would be appreciated!

Hope everyone else has a Sunday Funday 🙂

Happy Hooking

~ Megan

One for the Hubs…


What does it mean when the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox both make it to the playoffs? For my husband it means excitement and a request for a new hat. It turned out really well, I used Bernat Satin in Crimson and Loyal Royal (blue). The yarn was pretty easy to work with, and I was able to finish it in one evening.

His next request is green and yellow for the Oakland Athletics.  Which means at some point I will have to go to the yarn store to pick up some green and yellow… essentially my husband wants me to go shop for yarn 🙂 WHAT?!  I can do that!

Happy Hooking
~ Megan