Another Ruffle Scarf

Another Ruffle Scarf

This scarf was made for a friend of mine, I made it several weeks ago, but wanted to share it. It is made from Loops and Threads in dark grey and aqua blue. I also used a Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a mint color. I love the way it turned out looking like a sea monster tentacle. When I crocheted it I doubled up the yarn so I was using two strands. It made it heavy and super warm. I found a ravelry pattern that is similar this scarf, though I took some artistic license with the shaping for mine.

Link to the similar FREE pattern:

I hope you all get a chance to spend some time hookin’ on humpday 🙂 I will be working all day so no crochet for me, though I think I will have time to put the finishing touches on a headband I am making for a friend.

Happy Hooking!
~ Megan