Transformation Tuesday: Fair-Worthy Potholders 9/1/2015

I spent the weekend transforming some cotton into some pretty awesome potholders for the fair entries I committed to turning out.

Potholder These potholders are the Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder, from Sew, Simmer, and Share.  The pattern can be found HERE. I LOVE the depth of this pattern. The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although I would not call it a beginner pattern.  If attempting this pattern keep in mind there is a lot of counting.

The one tweak I made to the pattern was adding a baking to both of the potholders before doing the final trim around the edge.  This makes the pad twice as thick, and offers more protection to the surface you are trying to protect.  I came up with my own pattern for the bobbles on the back, but I think the potholders would look cool with the same heart image on the back but, in a solid color.


Most of the yarn is Sugar n’ Cream, but the hot pink is Peaches n’ Cream.  Generally I find Sugar n’ Cream much easier to work with than the Peaches n’ Cream.  The Peaches n’ Cream tends to split more than the Sugar n’ Cream.  This creates issues with having to pull out stitches when they split.

I wish I had remembered to write down the colors before I threw the yarn wrappers away (oops).  But the first is a lime green, with a hot pink heart, and bright blue backing.  While the second is a teal green with a lavender heart, and a purple backing.  I did the final trim around each potholder with the same color as the heart.

If you are keeping score I am now done with 3/6 entries with one week left until the due date.  The ornament, hat, and potholders are finished; leaving a scarf, sweater and vest needing their final touches (so close)!

Do you have any favorite potholder patterns, share them in the comments below!  Also don’t forget to follow Naughty Knots on Facebook for more fiber shenanigans, including drawings for awesome fiber gear!

Until we meet again, happy hooking and (k)nifty knitting,



Yards of Yarn and Football!

Busy day with crochet today.  I follow Lion Brand Yarn on Facebook, and was informed today is National Make a Hat day.  When I found that out, of course I had to participate.  It helps that I had a commitment to make a set of Mommy and Me hats for one of my work friends.  I was able to finish the larger hat after quite a bit of frogging (you would have thought a whole family of bull frogs moved in)!  At first the hat was all warped looking because my stitches were a bit off, so I ripped apart half of it and did it again.  It was still a little warped but, it flattens out when it is on your head, and looks super cute.  Tomorrow I will start on the little hat.  They are going to be the same style and the same color (Vanna’s Choice in Cranberry).  So I spent the day with a ball of yarn and hours and hours of football.  Lots of ballin’ today!

I also picked up my Blue Ribbon winning scarf exhibit from the fair today, it is a Ruffle and Curl Scarf in a wool blend.  It is my first ever fair entry, so I am super happy with the beautiful Blue Ribbon I brought home.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures (I have to wait for the right light), and a link to the wonderful free pattern I found for the hats.

~ Megan