Hat-a-Palousa was a success, and while I will never try for 4 hats in 5 days on purpose again it was totally worth it :). (See Hat-a-Palousa Day 5). I also had time today to make a headband to match my infinity (and beyond) scarf, and work on my Tunisian Crochet shoulder bag, see the W.I.P. it good tab above for pictures.

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan


Hat-a-Palousa Day 5


So I believe I have done it… I have made 3 hats and a headband in less than a week! The party is on Sunday and I am ready! I have a link to the free pattern for the headband which I will post after work tonight along with a link to the pattern for the flower. The little hats and the large beanie are from a couple pattern books I own:

Crochet in a Day for Baby by Candi Jensen

Top 10 Crocheted Hats by Vickie Howell

I hope everyone else’s projects are going well!

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan


Check out the journey with these links:

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Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Happy Hooking!

~ Megan