Toilet Paper Cozy Contest

Toilet Paper Cozy Contest

This was my entry in a Toilet Paper Cozy Contest last month, it won second place! Can you guess what it is? 🙂 There is a similar pattern on Mine is quite a bit different structurally. The graham cracker is two layers, the bottom is Tunisian Crochet, and the top is double crochet. The chocolate is a swatch of waffle stitching, with a smaller swatch of double crochet underneath it for volume (you could just use scrap yarn for it). The marshmallow is done in the same way as the ravelry pattern, though I did make the top of mine a little bigger and used sporadic decreases to give it that puffed look. The whole thing is done in Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn. I thought that would make it easy to wash, as it lives in the bathroom.

Here is the link to the similar FREE ravelry pattern:

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