Transformation Tuesday: ‘Holy Vest Batman!’ or A Break From the Birthday Yarn… 8/25/2015

I took last week off of blogging to do some family stuff, including buying a new(ish) car, and spending some quality time with my husband.  I did manage to find quite a bit of time to crochet, though I took some time away from the birthday yarn.  I am really close to done with the sweater but I needed to step back for a blink to break up the monotony.

I have been working feverishly on my fair getting my fair entries together.  I (of course) may have over committed with what I could get done in the month between the entry form due date and the entry due date, but so far I have been making good time on getting all the projects done.

My entries include, a stocking cap Christmas ornament (HERE) (done), a turkey child’s hat (HERE) (done), a braided scarf (HERE) (done-ish),  two hot pads (almost done with the first one), the green v-neck sweater (HERE) (close to almost done), and a multi. colored vest (see below).

As far as my as my yarn transformations go, I want to share a multi. colored vest I have been working on. The best news?  I am almost done!  This is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  The pattern can be found HERE.  It calls for Vanna’s Choice, which was what I ended up using.  I really enjoy using Vanna’s Choice  it is easy to work with, fairly in-expensive, and fairly durable.  I am looking forward to seeing how well this yarn wears in the long run.

I am using toffee as the main color, with silver blue, silver grey, dusty blue, and wheat, for accent colors.

I have to say that after the flower motif is finished, this is one of the easiest patterns I have done.  It is also easy to customize the size to fit different body types.  All you have to do is alter the row the arm holes are added onto (add or subtract stitches to account for this), and you can add more or less rows depending on the size you want the garment.

I have a few rows left, and I will be adding a button onto it to make the garment more fitted.  Without the button the vest is really loose and not terribly flattering.  I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!

The down side? All the color changes are going to make weaving ends a full time job…


In the mean time… here it is!


Hopefully in the next week I will make a bigger dent in the laundry list of fair items, and have more done!

What are all the rest of you Naughty-Knit-Chet-ers working on?  Let me know or leave a pic in the comments, I love seeing what everyone is doing out there!

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Happy Hooking and (K)Nifty Knitting!


Transformation Tuesday: A Beautiful Vest 7/14/2015

For my first Transformation Tuesday post I would like to share a project I just finished. Transforming a few balls of yarn into a beautiful vest!


The pattern is free and is published by Lion Brand Yarn and is available for FREE from their website.

Here is the link:

The pattern calls for Vanna’s Choice Yarn, I opted to use Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn in Grand Canyon.  I really like the way this yarn works up, and it is really soft.  It is easy to work with on the hook as well.  Heartland comes in a variety of beautiful colors, all of which have beautiful depth.

The pattern was really easy to follow, and was my first finished piece of apparel.  I would recommend this pattern for beginners that have a fairly firm grasp on reading patterns, and comfortable with half-double and double crochet stitches.

The vest worked up quickly in just a matter of a few evenings.

I love the way it turned out.  My husband asked when I would be opening my feminist bookstore.  He thinks it looks like a costume from the show Portlandia; something that Candice from the Women and Women First Bookstore would wear.  I choose to take that as a complement!

Now I just need to block this puppy and get my vest on!


What are you working on, on this Transformation Tuesday?  Share below in the comments!

Happy Hooking and (k)Nifty Knitting!


Easy Crochet Headband


It is 105 degrees outside and of course I am working on an inappropriate project for the temperature.  I decided to create a matching headband to go with the scarf from last week.  I am truly looking forward to fall when it is a more appropriate temperature to wear it.

To see the scarf follow this link

I made this using some of the leftover yarn from the scarf.

I made a strip of each color, using a size K crochet hook.

Foundation:  Ch 6
Row 1: Skip the first ch, sc in each stitch to the end of the row (5), ch 1 to turn.
Row 2: sc in first stitch, sc back loop only for 3 stitches, sc in last stitch, ch 1 to turn.

Repeat row 2 until the strip measures about 21″ (or the appropriate length for the head you are making this for).  Keep in mind this type of stitch is super stretchy!  Fasten off, but leave enough of a length of yarn to sew the ends together (about 12″).

Braid the strips together, fairly tightly, I found it helpful to use stitch markers to hold the ends together until I could sew them together.

Using the Grand Canyon color I created a fourth strip using the same pattern above, only making it 5 inches long.  This piece will be wrapped around the area where the two ends are sewn together.


Before wrapping the 5″ strip around the headband I sewed a button on it.


Then wrap the 5″ piece around the sewn area of the headband and sew the ends together.  Weave in all ends.

I am hoping the instructions make sense, please leave any questions in the comments!

What seasonally appropriate  (or inappropriate) projects are you working on?

Happy Hooking and (k)Nifty Knitting,

Braided Infinity Scarf

image Today I finished my first summer project, a braided infinity scarf.  I had been wanting to do something like this for a long time, I just never made the time.   I have attached an outline of the pattern I created to make it. This scarf was created with Lion Brand Heartland in Glacier Bay, Joshua Tree, and Grand Canyon (less than one skein each), and a size K hook.  I made one long strip from each color.

The pattern for each strip is as follows:

Foundation:  Ch 12, turn

1st Row:  Skip the first ch stitch closest to the hook, sc in each of the next 11 chain stitches, ch 1

2nd Row:  sc in first stitch, back loop sc in the next 9 stitches,  sc in the last stitch

Repeat the 2nd row until the strip is about 60 inches. When tying off, make sure to leave a tail to sew the opposite ends of the scarf together. image I then attached the strips together at one end using stitch markers. image Next, braid the three strips together, fairly tightly (the braid loosens after the last step). Match up the opposite ends of the scarf and stitch them together.  Tuck in the ends and you have a nice snugly scarf.

If you have any questions about the pattern leave them in the comments and I will try to clarify.

Of course it is almost July so using it is a ways off, but at least I have that to look forward to.

What are you working on?

(6/30/2015 see the matching headband here:

Happy Hooking and (k)Nifty Knitting, Megan image

Las Vegas Infinity Scarf and Mitts (Free Patterns)

Las Vegas Infinity Scarf and Mitts (Free Patterns)

I started this scarf at 30,000 feet on my flight to Las Vegas for Christmas. These are done in Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the Pink Sands Colorway.

The infinity scarf is done in a pattern I came up with myself.
It is done with about 280 yards of worsted weight yarn, and an I hook

Foundation: Chain 24

Row 1: Starting in the third chain from the hook half double crochet (HDC) in each chain stitch (22 half double crochets) chain 3 and turn.

Row 2: Skip the first stitch and HDC in the second stitch from the previous row. *Chain 1, skip one stitch, HDC in the next stitch* repeat to the end of the row. You will have created 11 squares in the row. Chain 2 and turn. (you will have 22 stitches)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your scarf has reached the length you want it. I usually make mine around 58 inches (but I like mine tighter and they do end up stretching). End on row 2.

To attach fold the scarf in half, making sure the scarf does not twist and attach the ends together with a slip stitch.

If you have any questions about this pattern ask away. This is the first time I have put a pattern together so I hope it is straight forward enough. If you make this pattern please link back to this blog, you may not post any of this either in part or in whole as your own. You may sell items made from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern.

The wrist warmers were found on Ravelry, and it is a FREE Pattern! The pattern is really easy to follow and I was able to complete both in an evening.
Here is the link:

Happy Hooking All!
~ Megan

Not So Small Stocking (or Feeling Festive)

2013 - Stocking2

Yesterday I posted a free pattern for small Christmas Stockings I thought I would try to attempt for Sunday Funday.  I stopped by the yarn store and was inspired by the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.  I thought it would make an interesting stocking and also be a way for me to use the pattern I really liked but make it bigger, and it did!  The picture next to my kitty is for scale (and because I have such a cute kitty).

I selected Tampa Spice and Oklahoma City Green for the colors, and I think the two balls of yarn will make two stockings of opposite colors.  I have not made a second yet but I will let you all know if that is the case. (Update 10/23:  I created a second stocking and there was just enough of each to make it, so one ball of yarn will make one stocking.)

I followed the pattern to the letter (I know that is rare for me :)) I used a N sized hook, and it turned out just like the picture only bigger.  I plan on picking up some more colors and turning quite a few of these out!

Head over to this post:  for a link to the FREE Pattern!

Now off to work on some Math homework (BOO!), and finish some super cute crochet pattern (YAY!)

Anyone else working on festive items lately?  What are you working on?

Happy Hooking!

~ Megan

2013 - Stocking

The Finished Pumpkin Hat!

The Finished Pumpkin Hat!

I made this pumpkin hat for the daughter of a friend yesterday. Super cute right? The pattern is free and I found it on Ravelry, clicking on the picture will take you to the blog where the pattern is. This pattern was super easy to complete, I used Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta and Olive. The only change I made was putting two vines on the hat, and I made them shorter than the pattern called for. The longer one I started with a chain of 17 and the shorter on I started with a chain of 12.

Later today I will update my W.I.P. It Good Page… What is every one whipping up this fine Wednesday? Comment below!

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan

Green and Yellow Hat… Compleated… YAY!

Oakland Athletics Hat... Compleated... YAY!

I had a lovely day of crochet yesterday. The hat requested by my husband has been finished! I used the Cascade 220 yarn I purchased and showed off yesterday. I could not have been happier with the results and how easy it was to work with. I may have a new yarn addiction! The accent color is Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Worsted Weight, in Mushroom (it was leftover from my Blue Ribbon winning creation).

The pattern is a FREE pattern from and was written by Liz McQueen, click on the picture for a link to the pattern. As it lies flat it looks rumpled however it smooths out and fits well when he tried it on. I did some adaptations to the pattern, I repeated rows 14, 15, and 10 one more time each (in that order) to make it longer.

I also created a ribbed edging (my husband prefers this because his hats stay on better) by doing the following :

– Round 1: Single crochet in the accent color join in the first sc (66 sc)
– Round 2: Chain 1, hdc in each single crochet, ending with hdc2tog in the last 2 sc join in chain (65 hdc)
– Round 3: Chain 1, alternate fphdc bphdc around the brim join in chain 1
– Round 4: repeat round 3

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy this FREE pattern as much as I did! Thanks again for the beautiful pattern Liz!
Happy Hooking,
~ Megan