Yesterday Was a Very Crafty Day…

So after several long work and study days I was able to pick up my Crochet hook.  I have a friend’s birthday this week and also had a couple stuffed pumpkin patterns I wanted to try.

I started the day with an earflap beanie I found on Ravelry:

2013 - Jack B-day

The FREE pattern can be found here:

I made this for a friend who is having a birthday this week, he likes the Denver Broncos so I used Vanna’s Choice Terracotta and Red Heart Navy.  I did make a few alteration to the pattern.  I shortened the hat by a round and instead did the contrasting trim on the edge.  I also added the orange and navy pompom on the top.

I also had a small casualty from the experience.  When I was making the pompom I broke my yarn needle!  My last yarn needle!  So today I will have to make a trip to the mall to pick up a new one.

After the pumpkin hat from last week ( I have gone a little pumpkin crazy.  So last night I also attempted a stuffed pumpkin (which was much more difficult than it should have been as I did not have a yarn needle) that was a very similar pattern to the hat I made.

I used another FREE pattern I found on Ravelry:—follow-along-with-written-pattern

I used Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta and Olive.  I really liked the way this one turned out.  It is so little and super cute right?  I want to try making some different sized pumpkins with this pattern.

2013 - Kitty Photo Bomb

I put the pencil in the photo for scale… Then someone decided to photo bomb my pumpkin picture! 🙂

I am trying another pumpkin pattern out to see which one I like better, but without a yarn needle it is in limbo… hopefully I will be able to finish it tonight and post a picture tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

Happy Hooking

~ Megan


Free Patterns: Headband and Flower

Free Patterns:  Headband and Flower

This is a headband I made for one of my lady friends. This is the same pattern I used for the head band here, as well as the flower on the yellow hat here:

On this particular headband I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Tidal. I loved the beautiful way it changed colors in a really subtle way.

The link to the free pattern for the headband is here:

This headband was super easy to make. The first one I made took a while, however now that I have the hang of it I can whip one out in about an hour and a half.

I used a different flower, the link for the free pattern for the flower is here:

For the flower on both the headband and the yellow hat I doubled the amount of chains to make the flower twice as big! I liked this pattern because it was so easy to put together.

Enjoy the free patterns!

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan

To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond!

There is nothing better after spending 9 1/2 hours on your feet than coming home to an enormous glass of red wine and a crochet hook. I am thrilled to say I was able to finish my infinity scarf tonight. I love the way it looks, and tomorrow I will post a picture that better shows off the super cool colors in the yarn. I used 2 balls of Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Horizon. The yarn was really easy to work with and the colors work into this pattern really nicely. This pattern was the same one I used for the cowl I posted about a couple days ago. I just doubled the foundation stitches to make the infinity scarf. I have again added the link to the pattern for the cowl I used at the end.

Link to the FREE pattern:

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan

Another Ruffle Scarf

Another Ruffle Scarf

This scarf was made for a friend of mine, I made it several weeks ago, but wanted to share it. It is made from Loops and Threads in dark grey and aqua blue. I also used a Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a mint color. I love the way it turned out looking like a sea monster tentacle. When I crocheted it I doubled up the yarn so I was using two strands. It made it heavy and super warm. I found a ravelry pattern that is similar this scarf, though I took some artistic license with the shaping for mine.

Link to the similar FREE pattern:

I hope you all get a chance to spend some time hookin’ on humpday 🙂 I will be working all day so no crochet for me, though I think I will have time to put the finishing touches on a headband I am making for a friend.

Happy Hooking!
~ Megan