Work It Wednesday 11/13/2013


I am sorry I have been so distracted lately with school, work and an upcoming holiday show, it has been hard to find time to write. But I thought I would post some photos of things I am working on.

After the craft show next week I will start writing down some of these patterns so I can share them with you!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan



W.I.P. Wednesday 10/23/2013

2013 - Pumpkin Patch


Well another W.I.P. Wednesday has arrived… and another admission that I have not worked on any of my W.I.P.s…  I have poured a good portion of my free time into homework and writing my first grant (YAY!).  However I have managed to crank out a pretty cute little pumpkin patch and several Christmas Stockings.  You can find the links below, and they are free!!  I may have an opportunity to go to a craft fair or two, which I am REALLY excited about it, so I am trying to build up an inventory so I will be prepared.  I am thinking of making a few headbands and scarves, using alpaca or wool so they will be nice and warm.  I will keep you all up to date on the situation as it goes along!  I also ordered some business cards so I can start doing some custom work, and get my name into the community.  When I started to crochet again a couple months ago, I had no idea where this would lead… I suppose I still don’t, however I am enjoying where things are headed right now!

Find the pumpkin pattern here —>

Find the Christmas Stocking pattern here —>

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Hooking

~ Megan

2013 - Stocking3

W.I.P. Wednesday

It is Wednesday so I have updated my work in progress page 🙂

I also had some time to update my helpful links page with some Tunisian Crochet info.  I will be adding to that too as I get free time.

What are you all working on?  Have a lovely Wednesday!

Happy Hooking

~ Megan