Las Vegas Infinity Scarf and Mitts (Free Patterns)

Las Vegas Infinity Scarf and Mitts (Free Patterns)

I started this scarf at 30,000 feet on my flight to Las Vegas for Christmas. These are done in Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the Pink Sands Colorway.

The infinity scarf is done in a pattern I came up with myself.
It is done with about 280 yards of worsted weight yarn, and an I hook

Foundation: Chain 24

Row 1: Starting in the third chain from the hook half double crochet (HDC) in each chain stitch (22 half double crochets) chain 3 and turn.

Row 2: Skip the first stitch and HDC in the second stitch from the previous row. *Chain 1, skip one stitch, HDC in the next stitch* repeat to the end of the row. You will have created 11 squares in the row. Chain 2 and turn. (you will have 22 stitches)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your scarf has reached the length you want it. I usually make mine around 58 inches (but I like mine tighter and they do end up stretching). End on row 2.

To attach fold the scarf in half, making sure the scarf does not twist and attach the ends together with a slip stitch.

If you have any questions about this pattern ask away. This is the first time I have put a pattern together so I hope it is straight forward enough. If you make this pattern please link back to this blog, you may not post any of this either in part or in whole as your own. You may sell items made from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern.

The wrist warmers were found on Ravelry, and it is a FREE Pattern! The pattern is really easy to follow and I was able to complete both in an evening.
Here is the link:

Happy Hooking All!
~ Megan


Throwback Thursday! 10/31/2013

Throwback Thursday!  10/31/2013

With all the Halloween festivities I almost forgot one of my favorite days of the week :). This is before the time of chunky knit sweaters.  All the way back to a time when a man could grace the front of a pattern book clutching his favorite duck decoy, with his two friends who love to golf and ski respectively.

I found this sweet knit pattern book on Pinterest.

Clicking on the photo will take you to the original site.

Happy Hooking!
~ Megan

Sunday Funday 10/27/2013… Back to hats!

For those who had some Halloween fun last night I hope you are recovering well :).  I myself had some fun but it involved playing WiiU with some of our wonderful friends… But today I craft!  Hats!

For some reason I always come back to hats, I love them. I know exactly what to expect and people seem to enjoy receiving them. I think the inspiration came from the weather this morning, it is particularly cold.  Making a hat seems to take the crisp out of the air a bit.

I found a great FREE pattern on Ravelry this morning that looks super easy and I think will turn our really nicely ( I could not get a photo of the hat to load, so I will post my own picture when I finish.

I have also been working on writing my first pattern, I hope to post it soon. It is a headband I have made several times, but I am just not sure where to start when writing a pattern.  Any advice would be appreciated!

Hope everyone else has a Sunday Funday 🙂

Happy Hooking

~ Megan

Sunday Funday! 10/20/2013

Sunday Funday!  10/20/2013

I found these little stockings today, and I think I will attempt them. They are a FREE pattern and you can click on the photo for a link to this awesome blog. I know it is a little early for Christmas, but that is the best thing about crafting you can totally start working on this stuff early! I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

What are you working on?

Happy Hooking,
~ Megan

Hooter! :)

Hooter! :)

Last night I stitched up this little beauty. I love the way it turned out (though it does look a little shell shocked). I found the FREE pattern on Ravelry (you can click on the picture to get to the pattern). The pattern was super easy to follow and I was able to create it in a little over two hours. The thing I am most happy about with this pattern is I was able to use yarn scraps. I like patterns I can do that with because I have tons of scraps. I plan on making another one tonight (pictures to follow… of course) 🙂

W.I.P. Wednesday 10/16/2013

W.I.P. Wednesday 10/16/2013

So for the past several weeks I have been hookin’ together pumpkins in all shapes and styles, and yesterday was no different. This little guy is a free pattern from Ravelry, you can click on the photo for a link. This one is done in Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta and Vanna’s Choice in Olive.

As for my WIP It Good page, an update for that will have to wait till next week, as I am having far too much fun working on my pumpkin patch to pull myself away to work on those items… 🙂 I promise I will do better next week!

The only adjustment I made was on the stem. I did several rounds of single crochets (6 per round as the pattern states). On the last round I did 2 single crochets in each single crochet from the previous round making 12 sc. I found that this not only gave the stem a tapered look, but also made it easier to stitch it onto the pumpkin. I also added the little curl. To create the curl I made a chain of 11. In the second chain from the hook I made 3 hdc, I continued that down the length of the chain.

For a peak at my other pumpkins visit:


I hope everyone is having a great day!
Happy Hooking!
~ Megan